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Ecovat: Longterm efficient thermal energy storage


To realize a prototype of a local energy system including all energy carriers. This prototype consists of a thermic energy storage tank coupled with a hybrid micro-grid. The goal is that this prototype allows a local neighbourhood of 200-400 houses to run on 100% renewable energy.


Several aspects of the challenges such a large scale thermic energy storage tank are explored in this project. It should be possible to thermically seal the tank. Furthermore, the costs per cubic meter should be economically feasible. For this a novel underground construction technique is required. Also, the charging and discharging of the tank has to be done in a smart way when considering the supply and demand of electric energy in the coupled micro-grid. FInally, the legal issues need to be identified and tackled for the construction of such a storage tank.


In two fold the deliverables are both a working prototype of a storage tank coupled with a smart micro-grid for an office building and an overview of the legislations required for the constructions of such projects in the future.

For more information visit http://www.ecovat.eu/