GridFlex Heeten


With the GridFlex Heeten project, the consortium partners want to develop a unique local energy market model in which an optimal local energy system is realised by means of pricing mechanisms, incentives and energy flexibility. Energy cooperative Endona received an exemption on the Dutch Elektriciteitswet (electricity law) to experiment. Using this exemption, a local energy market will be realised in Heeten in which innovative pricing mechanisms will be tested with local renewable energy sources and a new type of energy storage, namely sea-salt batteries. Consumer flexibility and demand-side management ensures the energy is consumed locally, especially using the combination of storage and PV. By innovative pricing mechanisms, we encourage good behaviour from customers, where good behaviour means that it’s better for the environment and the electricity network. This leads to reducing losses, and delaying or even making further investments in the grid unnecessary. The achieved saving are shared in a fair way.

The data collected during this project is available for research and can be accessed here.

More information can be found here. Below is a short video to explain the project.