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The effect on the Distribution Net of Local Storage and Control compared with Central Storage

Master's assignment

Student: Jan Oene Krist
Supervisors: Albert Molderink, Johann Hurink, Gerard Smit
Programme: Embedded Systems - University of Twente
Finished: June 2014        

This research is a coorperation between the CAES energy research group and the Dutch distribution network operator Alliander.


Since more and more energy sources and loads are deployed in the low-voltage (LV) network, it becomes more and more difficult to make guarantees about the power quality. Due to this development there is a lot of research going on in this field. One of the proposed solutions is using storage in the distribution network. When the production of energy is higher than the consumption, the batteries can be charged and when the demand is higher, the batteries can be discharged. As a result of this, the power quality will increase.

In literature the deployed batteries are mostly very large and centrally controlled. This gives good results, but there is a major drawback. Since the power quality is controlled in a central location, data has to be transmitted from houses to that location. This can possibly lead to safety and privacy issues. An other approach is distributed storage. Small batteries will be placed in houses and the power quality is locally measured. When all batteries are used for local power quality optimization, the total power quality can become better.