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Assignments: research area

Smart Grids provide a wide, multidisciplinary area of research. Thus the energy group offers a variety of assignments for bachelor and master students. Area's of the smart grids that might be interesting to students of various disciplines include, but are not limited to:

  • Modelling electrical devices and other appliances used inside the house required a background in discrete mathematics and optimization.
  • Thermodynamical properties of houses, air flow dynamics in office building and gas dynamics in transportation pipes are challenging topics using mathematical analysis en physics.
  • The electrical network as a whole can be studied by students of Electrical Engineering.
  • Weather and humans behaviour have influence on production and consumption energy and their prediction and uncertainty can be studied using Statistics, Probability, Stochastic programming, or Neural networks.
  • Algorithms for predicting, optimizing and on-line control of various devices in and different segments of Smart Grids require knowledge of mathematics or theoretical computer science.
  • A knowledge of programming is required to implement the algorithms mentioned above as well as embedded systems for measuring, communication and (real-time) control.

To get an overview of the possibilities feel free to browse through the assignments in progress and finished assignments. We also have a short list of available assignments.