Finished Assignments

SASensor Open Plalform

Student: Qiang Fu
Supervisor: Vincent Bakker
Type: Master's assignment
Programme: Electrical Engineering and Embedded Systems 
Finished: August 2015


Locamation develops automation solutions for smart grids. Recently they have devised a new concept called “OpenPlatform”. The Open Platform is an initiative to allow 3rd party applications to run on Locamation’s software product “called SASensor”. SASensor is a substation automation platform within the Medium Voltage (MV) and Low Voltage (LV) substations and is continuously measuring and monitoring the electricity flow within the substation/transformer. All measured data is made available through the OpenPlatform to the 3rd party application. OpenPlatform is Locamation’s initiative to test new applications, speed up research and development by collaborating with 3rd party developers and research institutions. It provides their customers an innovative platform that can cope with new emerging ideas and functions resulting from the advances within smart grids.

Open Platform V2 eliminates the risks involved by allowing third party software to run on ARTOS (The real time operating system of SASensor) without hindering or risking the correct operation of sensitive (protection) applications. With the advances in processor architecture (multicore processing) and the addition of virtualization technology (VTx) to intel-based processors, it is now possible to execute various operating systems on the same computer. Support for this technology in the form of a Linux hypervisor (KVM) allows us to run both Linux and ARTOS on the same hardware and on different cpu-cores. This feature implies that third party applications can run on the Linux-client next to ARTOS. In order to exchange real-time data between ARTOS and the Linux-client we have to develop a real time data (RTD) bridge between the two systems.