Relationship between SUTQ and “excellent teacher”


The purpose of SUTQ is for the teacher to develop their skills in a more scholarly approach to education, by answering an education demand through research and/or design. The participant will be awarded a certificate if they meet certain assessment criteria. The assessment will take place based on a document written by the teacher. SUTQ is a track that from beginning (registration, initial interview, approval) to end will last one year. The desired result is that the participating teacher has shown they are able to design, research or organize education practices. The finished product has an innovative element. The SUTQ program has been approved by the Universitaire Commissie Onderwijs (UCO) and the Executive Board. The pilot will run in 2016-2017.

EEMCS and “Excellent teacher”

EEMCS uses ETP to focus on the creation of a network of excellent teachers. Teachers who have risen to the level of outstanding teacher can apply for membership of the network. The way in which they achieved this development is up to the teachers themselves. There are no rules, but the education organization will offer sufficient (individual) support. Applicants will be assessed based on selection criteria, as is standard during application procedures. Application interview, motivation letter, CV, letter of recommendation, and references can all be part of the procedure. The result is a network of outstanding teachers who are not only characterized by their individual competences, but also by the influence they have in their own education environment.

SUTQ and “Excellent teacher”

Teachers individually select the path they wish to follow to become an excellent teacher. They can be aided in this track by an adviser or colleague. A highly suitable first step towards becoming an outstanding teacher is participating in the SUTQ track. Whether SUTQ will eventually become a necessary step to take has yet to be determined.