UTeachers' Academy

The continuous improvement of educational quality and innovation is important to the faculty of EEMCS.

The faculty board stimulates all efforts aimed at improving the quality of education with the new initiative called UTeachers’ Academy. The objective of the UTeachers’ Academy is the continuous improvement of educational quality and continuous innovation, increasing student satisfaction and increasing the value of and the reward employees dedicated to the professionalization of their teaching practices. 

The results of the efforts in the past show an increase in student satisfaction; in 2019 we had four top-rated BSc programmes! Therefore, educational principles play an important role in UTeachers’ Academy. Here, we list a comprehensive list of principles we work within the UTeachers’ Academy.

Ten teachers from several educational programmes of the EEMCS faculty are actively participating in this network. One of the activities the network is organizing are hands-on sessions and presentations about educational innovations, ICT tools, working methods, innovative testing, etc. Other activities inlude organizing discussion sessions about educational topics during internal meetings, and plenary hands-on sessions for all EEMCS employees. Furthermore, all participants are working on a specific topic in smaller groups. These smaller groups consist UTeachers’ Academy participants, but they can also be joined by other EEMCS employees.

UToday Special: Tribute to Excellent Teachers

The focus of this academic year (2020-2021) is on Blended Learning. COVID-19 has changed the world and the way we (have to) deliver our education. To switch from online learning to more effective blended learning, the teachers of the UTeachers’ Academy could get money to redesign their own education. The invitation to the participants of the UTeachers’ Academy can be found here.

More information and apply
drs. K.M.J. Slotman (Karen)
Educational Consultant, Educational Consultant Faculty EEMCS

The Academy offers a network of teaching- and learning-minded staff who will keep you encouraged and inspired. Do you like to apply or do you like to get more information? Please contact me!