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Benchmarks archive XHSTT-2014 for School Timetabling

This archive consists of the instances in the archive XHSTT-2013 with in addition one new instance USA Westside2009, leading to 25 instances in total. All instances were converted to the new cost functions "Linear" and "Quadratic". Some errors were corrected on the way, implying that archive XHSTT-2013 is deprecated.

XHSTT-2014 is meant to be an interesting test bed for researchers.

An overview of XHSTT-2014

Download: the full archive XHSTT-2014 without solutions.

Download: All instances: all instances (also outside XHSTT-2014) as separate files, with best solution history attached.

Research solution groups

Several research groups have been using XHSTT-2014 for their research. Here we collected all the sets as far as provided by the authors.


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GOAL-UFOP, Dec 8 2016

Fonseca, Santos and Carrano

April 17, 2017


Kheiri and Keedwell

March 31, 2015


Jeffrey H. Kingston

October 17, 2014