Benchmarks archive for School Timetabling

Several archives (collections of datasets) have been developed in the course of this project and the associated competition. Most of these archives are still available, but deprecated (if you need one of them, please contact me). We think that the focus of future work should be on solving archive XHSTT-2014, which contains a carefully selected subset of the instances collected during this project, in their most up-to-date form.

The archive XHSTT-2014A is partially based on older work in the field of high school timetabling; these instances contain only the basic constraints, which is the reason to call them artificial.

The archive ALL_INSTANCES contains all latest versions of the contributed instances.

Name Released # countries # datasets
XHSTT-2014 March 17, 2014 12 25
XHSTT-2014A March 10, 2014 [artificial] 9
All instances (separate files in one zip) March 17, 2014
Version: November 16, 2022
12 48