Introducing: Inge Lefers New office assistant faculty board

My name is Inge Lefers, and on 1 January I started as Office Assistant at the Secretariat of the Faculty Board of EEMCS. I am 52 years old, mother of two sons (25 and 23 years old) and living together with Jeroen. I have been working at our University of Twente since 1998. I started at BMS, have worked at ET; the past 2,5 years I worked as Office Manager for Strategy & Policy. My hobbies are: running, BodyPump, skiing, reading, shopping, cooking and going out on city trips

Within the Secretariat of the Faculty Board of EEMCS, I am looking forward to cooperate with you all.

You can find me in the office Zilverling 1070, which is also occupied by Marieke Kleisman. But ofcourse I can be reached by email/teams Monday-Friday: 053-4892514 or

Hope to see you soon!