Jun.Prof. Thomas Berger (Uni. Paderborn)

Date: 08 March  2023

Time: 12.45 Hours

Room:  RA1501 & online

Speaker: Jun. Prof. Thomas Berger (Uni. Paderborn)


Title: “Funnel control - a brief introduction"

The control of dynamical systems with prescribed performance requirements is an active research area in systems and control theory. In view of necessary safety guarantees, suitable control techniques are of high practical relevance. Concurrently, a certain robustness is necessary because a precise measurement of the full state is often not available and many system parameters are unknown or uncertain. In this talk, the method of funnel control will be presented as a control technique which exhibits these requisite properties and only requires the knowledge of some structural invariants of the system class. This class can contain both finite and infinite dimensional systems, as the dimension of the state does not need to be known.