Dr. Tracy Craig (SACS-MIA)

Date: 08 February  2023

Time: 12.45 Hours

Room:  RA1501 & online

Speaker: Tracy Craig,  (SACS-MIA).


Title: “Practice-led mathematics education research, from problem solving to vector calculus."


My research in the arena of mathematics education has always been practice-led. I am interested in deepening my understanding of the teaching and learning of the mathematics I teach in my classrooms. I shall give an overview of broad areas I have worked in over the years, including problem solving, language in mathematics, student identity and the Twente Educational Model. The topic that has been of interest to me for the longest time is that of vectors and vector calculus. Drawing on my research I shall present the scalar product as a threshold concept and talk about the development of design principles for assessment of vector calculus as well as linear algebra.