Anne Remke (DAMUT- MOR)

Date: 07 September 2022

Time: 12:45 – 13:15. Hours

Room:  RA1501 & online

Speaker: Anne Remke  (WWU Münster, UT)

  Anne Remke

Title: “Optimizing different flavours of nondeterminism in hybrid automata with random clocks”


Stochastic hybrid systems form a powerful model class, which is difficult to analyse accurately due to the flexible combination of stochastic, continuous, and discrete behavior. 
Especially the inherent non-determinism is often resolved probabilistically.
In this model class three types of nondeterminism arise naturally:  discrete nondeterminism induced by conflicting transitions, time-induced nondeterminism and nondeterminism induced by rectangular rates. 
We investigate how to maximize/minimize reachability probabilities for specific classes of stochastic hybrid models  (non-)prophetically while taking into account history. 
After computing reachable state sets via a forward flow pipe construction, we use a (backwards) refinement to identify optimizing schedulers and compute optimal reachability probabilities via a multi-dimensional integration.