Goossen Karssenberg

Date:  28 May 2019

Time: 12:45 - 13:30 (Lunch available from 12:35)

Room: RA 1501 (Ravelijn)

Speaker: Goossen Karssenberg  poster


Title: Geometric Pattern Design: Applied Mathematics in Ornamental Art



In architecture and in holy books from the Islamic world, one finds geometric patterns that show great sophistication. This type of ornament manifested itself at the very beginning of Islam and kept developing for centuries. Since a great deal of geometry was used in the tradition, it is an outstanding example of applied mathematics. From the seventeenth century onwards there was hardly any innovation. However, during the last two decades there has been renewed interest in the subject, resulting in ground-breaking scientific publications and interesting new works of art.

The speaker Goossen Karssenberg (1962), co-founder of museum gallery RAT (Recomposed Art Texel) has been studying the Islamic geometric design tradition since 2008. In 2015 he started designing new types of patterns himself. In his talk he will explicate his view upon the design tradition and show how he generates new, unique designs.