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Master Assignment
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Andres Felipe Cosme Hurtado
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Geert Heijenk

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UMTS Capacity simulation study

The capacity dimensioning of the GSM/GPRS/UMTS networks of Vodafone Netherlands is based on simulation studies. For GSM/GPRS results are available for some time that enable us to dimension the radio network efficiently. For the next generation mobile telephony (UMTS ) these results are not yet produced. The technology of UMTS is so different from GSM that new methods need to develop to dimension these networks.

To develop dimensioning methods, a simulator is used which recreates the dynamical behaviour of UMTS. The goal of this assignment is to investigate the behaviour of UMTS under different scenarios and develop methods for dimensioning the network optimally.

Examples of such scenarios are:
  • Homogeneously distributed, non-mobile traffic
  • Homogeneously distributed, mobile traffic
  • Non-homogeneously distributed, non-mobile traffic
  • Non-homogeneously distributed, mobile traffic

  • Here one has to imagine UMTS cells on a busy square, or near a highway, or even the HSL trajectory. Part of the stage is to verify a number of parameters in the simulator regarding the UMTS network settings.
01-02-2005 / 01-09-2005
Prof.dr.ir. B.R.H.M. Haverkort (UT/DACS)
Dr.ir. G.J. Heijenk (UT/DACS)
Dr.ir. B. Haverkamp(Vodafone, Maastricht)