The Design and Analysis of Communication Systems group has many opportunities for Master and Bachelor Telematics, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering students to do their final projects. Such projects can be both internal (i.e., performed in the DACS offices and with daily supervision by DACS members), or external at one of the many companies that DACS has contacts with. Furthermore, you can also do a telematics-related internship via DACS.

On this page you'll find an overview of the research areas in which DACS is working, and lists of past and open assignments. However, the list of open assignments is never complete; new ideas arise all the time, or perhaps you have an idea of your own that would fit DACS?

For more information on the group or available projects you can always contact our student adviser Pieter-Tjerk de Boer.


As you can also read under About DACS, the research within DACS, and thus also master and bachelor projects at DACS, can be divided into three categories:


An internship, also called traineeship, external training, or in Dutch stage, means that you work for a few months in a company, in order to gain experience in how your field of study is applied in a real work environment. It can be a nice opportunity to live in a foreign country for a while, and may also be helpful as a starting point for finding a job later on.

If you are interested in a telematics-related internship, DACS can help you. If you already have found an internship assignment, DACS members will be happy to serve as the UT supervisor for your internship. If you have not yet found an assignment, DACS members may be able to help you find one through our many contacts with companies and research institutes.

For more general information on internships, please consult the faculty website at For DACS specific questions, you can contact Pieter-Tjerk de Boer.



When you are doing an assignment at DACS, there are two web forms to be filled in: the student registration form and the assignment description form.