Internet Measurements @DACS

In the early 70s, the Internet, then still known as the ARPANET, could still be drawn out on a simple map. But since then, once the potential of the technology became clear, it has grown in ways that were hardly predictable. Today, it is a global information system which supports most aspects of our daily life. Think about leisure activities, such as enjoying your favourite TV show or, as recent times have taught us, also remote working, access to services, online education and, last but not least, staying in touch.

In a way you can almost compare the Internet to a living organism, organically growing, at times in unexpected directions. But what do we really know about it? Are the detailed descriptions of protocols and communication technologies enough to describe it and understand it? And let’s not forget about ourselves: how do we - as human beings - use and manage the Internet? How do our actions affect the functioning of our networks?

 We are looking for students that, like us, care about the Internet, have the curiosity to understand it, and share a drive to shape its future. We work with large large-scale network measurements to study the evolution of the Internet. We are interested in topics like:

If you are looking for a BSc or MSc assignment and these topics resonate with you, wait no longer and contact us! We regularly have open assignments and we are happy to discuss topics that may pique your interest!

For information, please contact any or all of us:
Anna Sperotto
Ralph Holz

Mattijs Jonker

Roland van Rijswijk-Deij