UTFacultiesEEMCSThe Modular Integrated Sustainable Datacenter project (MISD) project receives funding for 5 years under the European IPCEI-CIS program

The Modular Integrated Sustainable Datacenter project (MISD) project receives funding for 5 years under the European IPCEI-CIS program

MISD project receives a total of €34 million from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate under the European Important Projects of Common European Interest - Cloud Infrastructure and Services (IPCEI-CIS) program for 2024-2029. The consortium consists of Asperitas, BetterBe, Deerns, Eurofiber, NBIP (National Internet Providers Management Organization), TNO and University of Twente.

As the need for more sustainable computing and communication infrastructures grows, in the realm of climate change, the aim of MISD is to develop a new modular, sustainable and secure-by-design concept to be deployed in places close to end users (edge computing) so that significant reduction in total energy consumption, from cooling to computing power and data flows, can be achieved. The MISD consortium will design, develop, and validate in a fieldlab innovative solutions, both in hardware and software, toward this target.

In the scope of MISD, the UT with faculty members from EEMCS, ET, TNW, and BMS will focus on four sustainability-oriented research lines: 1) scalable, sustainable, innovative computing and communication approaches for data center operations considering edge infrastructures as well as interaction of data centers with the electricity grid; 2) advanced thermal management for sustainable cooling and heat use; 3) solutions for cyber-secure multi-party cloud systems and edge infrastructure; and 4) stakeholder engagement through learning communities for interorganizational learning and innovation implementation.

In line with our commitment to work toward making communications and computing infrastructures more sustainable, efficient, and secure, as DACS, we are very happy to be part of the MISD project and will develop innovative solutions in the above-mentioned focus areas (1) and (3).

Our DACS colleagues Suzan Bayhan and Mattijs Jonker will be working toward this goal along with the newly-hired 3 PhDs and 2 post-docs in close collaboration with our partners both at the UT EDGE Center and EEMCS faculty as well as partners outside the UT.

Congratulations to Suzan and Mattijs for this achievement!

Please also see the faculty website for more information: https://www.utwente.nl/en/eemcs/news/2023/12/1289977/dutch-project-gets-funding-to-reduce-data-center-energy-consumption-and-co2-emissions