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Wim L.C. Rutten: Neurotechnology and Cellular Engineering

Neurotechnology and Cellular Engineering…


Research Topics

(intelligent) interfacing to the neural system using the potentials of micro/nanotechnology, micro electronics and in-vitro experimental methods.

1 Cultured Probe, better interfaces

Cell-substrate and cell-cell adhesion studies

Peripheral neural endcap prosthesis, artificial hand

Cell-electrode interface improvement, electro-active polymers/carbon nanotubes

2 Live Neuronal Networks, basic understanding/better interfaces

Self-pacing isolated small-brain systems

Plasticity studies, training/learning/memory Coupled circuits, co-cultures device

Mathematical network modeling

New neurotransmitters/chemical modification of networks Ca-imaging in vivo and in vitro

3 EEG based Brain Computer Interfaces

Neurofeedback BCI for in-home rehabilitation of (acute) stroke patients