Internship abroad

Doing an internship abroad is a unique way to put your theoretical knowledge into practice, gain work experience and experience abroad, expand your network, and increase your opportunities in the job market. This enables you to steer your study and your national or international career in the direction you choose. International working experience is highly valued by companies and is a welcome addition to any CV. Please note: This information about internship abroad is meant for all students registered at Twente University.

Your faculty’s internship coordinator is your main point of contact to find more information about the internship procedure and requirements and preconditions of your study programme. They will also offer support and advice in helping you find an interesting and challenging internship assignment.

Please take into account that preparations for arranging an internship abroad may take six to nine months. It is, therefore, important to contact your faculty internship coordinator as soon as possible to discuss your plans for your internship abroad.

All UT students who will go abroad for their internship will have to register via Mobility Online registration. This administrative requirement is also mandatory for emergency registration and a possible grant application. . Please make sure to select the correct type of registration for internship and academic year. Please register in Mobility Online according to the guidelines of your own study program.

UT students who will go abroad for an internship will have to register their mobility via the registration system Mobility Online.
  • General Conditions

    The conditions for doing an internship abroad differ per study programme. Please contact your faculty internship coordinator to find out more about the requirements and preconditions of your study programme.

  • Finding an Internship

    Your internship coordinator is your main point of contact. It can offer support in finding an internship and give you advice about the content of your internship project or assignment abroad. Besides the fact that your study programme's requirements and preconditions have been checked, other arrangements will also be carefully looked at, such as agreements, insurance, visa, funding. 

    Please consider that a preparation time of six months to nine months is often required to find and arrange a suitable internship. It is advised to contact your faculty’s internship coordinator as soon as possible to discuss your internship plans; see below for contact details.

  • Financial Support

    To find out if you are eligible to receive financial support for your internship abroad can be found under Scholarship programmes (see menu). Here you can find an overview of the available scholarship possibilities and their requirements. Contact your internship coordinator for further information about the procedure.

  • Contact Persons
    • Faculty of Behavioural Management and Social Sciences
    • Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
      W.P.M. Klieverik (Wendie)
      Internship Coordinator faculty EEMCS
    • Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation
      B. Jaarsma - Knol (Belinda)
    • Faculty of Engineering Technology
      T. Karstens - de Vries (Teatske)
      Studieadviseur Technische Geneeskunde
    • Faculty of Science and Technology
      K.E. Velthuis BSc (Kim)
      Internship coordinator CS&E, AP and NT

      N. Luisman (Nancy)
      Supporting Staff

      drs. A.E.J. Hogeling (Annet)
      internship coordinator BME