UTDLDDWDutch Design Week 2023Ever-changing Relationships

Ever-changing Relationships

Ever-changing relationships - 4TU.Design United

Ever-changing Relationships is organised by Design United (4TU). This year, the technical universities of Twente, Delft, Wagingen and Eindhoven explore what role design can play in tackling different themes: Politics of Design, Climate Futures Now!, More than Human, Disentangling AI, Design & Society and Making Matters. These themes will be highlighted during the exhibition in the Klokgebouw, the afternoon programme in Microlab and in the eMagazine.

Politics of design

Political issues are ingrained in design, so it cannot be objective. With this theme, we emphasize the underappreciated impact of power on design. What role does social power play in our designs? What kind of power do artifacts provide or deny? When do design methods become exclusive? And how can we offer voice to communities and groups who are marginalized?

Age -Fi

Exhibition, eMagazine

Francesca Toso, Jodi Sturge

As global populations age rapidly, healthcare systems struggle to meet complex care needs. It's crucial to consider user experiences and social integration, moving beyond a technology-centered approach. While aging in place offers benefits, it also presents physical, mental, and social challenges. How can technology address these issues?

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Exhibition, eMagazine

Estefanía Morás Jiménez 

A multiplayer serious game designed to engage stakeholders in the city-making process where players take on different roles and collaborate to build an ideal city on a new planet, to build a discussion about the future of urban development and accommodating diverse perspectives.

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Climates futures now!

Design is inherently a future-oriented practice. But how can we envision desirable futures on a troubled planet? Does society have a "crisis of imagination" in Amitav Ghosh's term? And if so, can designers help us both speculate about the practices of tomorrow and inspire us to take action? 

MAACQ Oase Birdbead

Exhibition, eMagazine

Pim van Everdingen

A 3D-printed birdhouse designed to counteract Dutch soil acidification from industrial nitrogen use. It's made from eco-friendly materials containing reclaimed calcium and cellulose. As it erodes when exposed to water, it provides a habitat for birds and helps restore biodiversity.

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The Virtual River Game

Afternoon programme, eMagazine

Robert-Jan den Haan, Fedor Baart, Mascha van der Voort

A multiplayer game on managing rivers envisioning possible futures of climate change. Players collaboratively explore and experiment with different interventions to prevent future flooding while restoring the river’s ecological value.

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Green Roof

Afternoon programme, eMagazine

Sil Dijkman, Leon Peters, Koen Vogel, Peter Chemweno

Home-builders and urban planners often sacrifice green spaces for housing or roads. Blue-green transforming these unused spaces with self-sustaining plants, ensuring that we retain the rural within the urban.

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Physicalization of coral bleaching over the years


Susanne Fuentes Bongenaar

The Interactive installation about historical data on coral bleaching in the different reefs where visitors interact with different CO2 levels to understand the ecological factors affecting coral bleaching through visual projections and interactive controls.

Making matters

The discussion regarding the importance of the future and its approaches in the direction of making. In light of the rapid advancement of enabling technologies and the idea behind how crafters can shape and transform a new everyday reality.

Designing a one-part fully compliant eyeglasses frame for FDM 3D printing


Daan van Meurs

A 3D-printed eyeglasses frame has been developed using FDM technology, aimed at addressing the lack of access to eyeglasses in regions with limited resources. This innovative design allows for easy production on basic FDM machines.

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