Risk & Resilience Festival

Working together for a better future - 9 NOVEMBER 2023

The Risk & Resilience Festival is an annual event where professionals, scientists, students and alumni come together to share and enrich knowledge and experience in the fields of risk, resilience and safety. The purpose of the festival is to explore, develop and share knowledge and expertise in these fields. It provides a meeting and networking place for experts and interested parties.

This seventh edition is all about the innovative thinking of the participants. In an interactive setting you will work with others on one of the major social challenges of the Netherlands. We will work on socially responsible solutions for a number of important transition issues. You can choose from four social themes to work with:

  • Water management
  • Energy
  • Fast-paced digital world
  • Industry

You will work in a team on the basis of concrete case studies. Every sound is welcome: the more opinions, the livelier the dialogue and the more interesting the learning process. Everything takes place under the expert guidance of a facilitator.

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Risk & Resilience Festival