TUCCR Minisymposium 20-05-2022

Boosting Cybersecurity Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Honorary Doctorate

Friday May 20th 2022 was the day of the DIES for the 60th anniversary of the University of Twente. A big part of this celebration is the awarding of honorary degrees. During this ceremony Jaya Baloo received an honorary doctorate for all the work she has done with regards to the visibility and resilience to cyber-attacks. TUCCR directors Willem Jonker and Aiko Pras were Jaya's Honorary promotors.


In honor of Jaya Baloo's honorary doctorate TUCCR organized the Boosting Cybersecurity Innovation and Entrepreneurship minisymposium. With talks by Jaya Baloo and Sandro Etalle (TUE/Security Matters) and interesting panel discussions with Inge Bryan (FoxIT), Martine van de Gaar (Linksight), Alain LeLoux (Cottonwood), Christiaan Ottow (Northwave), Saskia Schuit (ESET), Lukas Roffel (Thales), Henk-Jan Vink (TNO) and Wouter de Vries (Patchman/Antagonist). The chairman for the minisymposium was Chris van't Hof (DIVD)