Supervisor of dissertations

Wouter Maijenburg (2014)
Templated electrodeposition of functional nanostructures: nanowires, nanotubes and nanocubes
Thesis in pdf

Maciej K. Stodolny (2012)
Cr-tolerance of the IT-SOFC La(Ni,Fe)O3 material
Thesis in pdf

Ruud J.A. Steenwelle (2012)
Strain and composition effects in epitaxial PZT thin films
Thesis in pdf

Josée E. Kleibeuker (2012)
Reconstructions at complex oxide interfaces
Thesis in pdf

Antony George (2011)
Sub-50 nm Scale to Micrometer Scale Soft Lithographic Patterning of Functional
Thesis in pdf

Tomasz Stawski (2011)
Understanding Microstructural Properties of Perovskite Ceramics through Their Wet-Chemical Synthesis
Thesis in pdf

Peter de Veen (2011)
Interface Engineering for Organic Electronics; Manufacturing of Hybrid Inorganic-Organic Molecular Crystal Devices
Thesis in pdf

Nicolas Hildenbrand (2011)
Improving the electrolyte-cathode assembly for mt-SOFC
Thesis in pdf

Hans Boschker (2011)
Perovskite oxide heteroepitaxy strain and interface engineering
Thesis in pdf

Michiel Maas (2010)
Template-electrodeposited nanowires:synthesis, manipulation and application
Thesis in pdf

Oktay Yildirim (2010)
Self-assembled monolayers on metal oxides: applications in nanotechnology
Thesis in pdf

Ming Duc Nguyen(2010)
Ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties of epitaxial PZT films and devices on silicon
Thesis in pdf

Sajid Khan (2010)
Soft-lithographic patterning of functional oxide and composite materials
Thesis in pdf

Gerwin Hassink (2009)
Two-dimensional electron layers in perovskite oxides
thesis in pdf

Paul te Riele (2008)
Direct Patterning of Oxides by Pulsed Laser Stencil Deposition
thesis in pdf

Wolter Siemons (2008)
Nanoscale properties of complex oxide films
thesis in pdf

Joska J. Broekmaat (2008)
In-situ growth monitoring with scanning force microscopy during pulsed laser deposition
thesis in pdf

Vittorio Boffa (2008)
Niobia-silica and silica membranes for gas separation
thesis in pdf

Tijana Zivkovic (2007)
Thin Supported Silica Membranes
thesis in pdf

Mercy Mathews (2007)
Structural and magnetic properties of epitaxial La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 films and nanostructures
thesis in pdf

J. Matthijn Dekkers (2007)
Transparent conducting oxides on polymeric substrates by pulsed laser deposition
thesis in pdf

Shen Ran (2006)
Ceramic composites of 3Y-TZP doped with CuO: processing, microstructure and tribology
thesis in pdf

Mark Huijben (2006)
Interface Engineering for Oxide Electronics – Tuning electrical properties by atomically controlled growth
thesis in pdf

Koray Karakaya (2006)
CeO2 and HfO2 high-K dielectrics by pulsed laser deposition: from binary oxides to nanolaminates.
thesis in pdf

Ashima Sah (2006)
Chemically modified ceramic membranes – study of structural and transport properties.
thesis in pdf

Gerald Spijksma (2006)
Modification of zirconium and hafnium alkoxides
thesis in pdf

Shankho Roy Chowdhury (2005)
Ordered and disordered porous materials for nanofiltration application
thesis in pdf

Frédéric Mertins (2005)
Perovskite-type ceramic membranes - Partial oxidation of methane in a catalytic membrane reactor
thesis in pdf

Riaan Schmuhl (2005)
Ion Selective Gates – Active device component for 3D microfluidic architecture
thesis in pdf

Mai Pham (2005)
Ferroelectric composites of PZT-Pt
thesis in pdf

Jelena Sekulic-Kuzmanovic (2004)
Porous and microporous titania membranes
thesis in pdf

Dragana Mijatovic (2004)
MgB2 thin films and Josephson devices
thesis in pdf

Monse Garcia Curiel (2004)
Polymer-inorganic nanocomposites – Influence of colloidal silica
thesis in pdf

Victor Leca (2003)
Heteroepitaxial growth of copper oxide superconductors by pulsed Laser Deposition
thesis in pdf

Lianne M. Doeswijk (2002)
Pulsed Laser Deposition of Oxides on Silicon: Exploring their Passivation Qualities

Edward A.F. Span (2001)
Oxygen-Permeable Perovskite Thin Film Membranes by Pulsed Laser Deposition

Guus Rijnders (2001)
Initial Growth of Complex Oxides: Study an Manipulation
thesis in pdf

Henk Jan H. Smilde (2001)
Josephson Contacts between High-Tc and Low-Tc Superconductors

Gertjan Koster (1999)
Artificially layered oxides by pulsed laser deposition
thesis in pdf

Boike L. Kropman (1998)
Self-assembly of alkylsiloxane monolayers on perovskite surfaces

Cas A.J. Damen (1997)
Reactive patterning techniques for high-Tc superconductors

Maxim Pedyash (1996)
High-Tc superconducting nanobridges in YBa2Cu3O7 thin films

Marcel E. Bijlsma (1996)
An in-situ ellipsometric study of high-Tc superconducting thin film growth

Gerard K. van Ancum (1996)
Electronic transport properties of PrBa2Cu3O7-d

Bart A.G. Kersten (1995)
Nanostructures on stepped semiconductor surfaces