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Publications 2003

H. Hilgenkamp, Ariando, H.J.H. Smilde, D.H.A. Blank, G. Rijnders, H. Rogalla, J.R. Kirtley, C.C. Tsuei
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Nature 422 (2003) 50-53

J. M. Dekkers, G. Rijnders, S. Harkema, H.J.H. Smilde, H. Hilgenkamp, H. Rogalla, and D.H. A. Blank
Monocrystalline YBa2Cu3O7 thin films on vicinal SrTiO3 (001) substrates
Applied Physics Letters 83 (2003) 5199-5201

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IEEE T. Applied Superconductivity 13 [2] (2003) 2834-2837

D. Mijatovic, A. Brinkman, I. Oomen, D. Veldhuis, G. Rijnders, H. Hilgenkamp, H. Rogalla and D.H.A. Blank
MgB2 thin films and Josephson devices
IEEE T. Applied Superconductivity 13 [2] (2003) 3245-48

J.E. ten Elshof, C. R. Abadal, J. Sekulić, S. R. Chowdhury and D.H.A. Blank
Transport mechanisms of water and organic solvents through microporous silica in the pervaporation of binary liquids
Micropor. Mesopor. Mat. 65 (2003) 197-208

S. Roy Chowdhury, R. Schmuhl, K. Keizer, J.E. ten Elshof and D.H.A. Blank
Pore size and surface chemistry effects on the transport of hydrophobic and hydrophilic solvents through mesoporous g-alumina and silica MCM-48
Journal Membrane Science 225 (2003) 177-86

S. Roy Chowdhury, R. Schmuhl, K. Keizer, A. van den Berg, J.E. ten Elshof, and D.H.A. Blank
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Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. Vol. 775 Edited by C.J. Brinker, M. Antonietti, Y. Lu, and C. Bai. (2003)

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Superconducting Science and Technology 16 (2003) 246-253