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Lowlands Paradise (2008)

Campingflight To LowLands Paradise 2008: a three-day, progressive outdoor festival that focuses on alternative music (to name a few: Anouk, DEUS, Frans Ferdinand, Rascals, Sex Pistals, N*E*R*D) , but offers much more than just that, with a complete programme of stand-up comedy, film, visual arts, literature, (street) theatre, and LowLands University. For three days in August, a city rises in the middle of Holland: a township with 55,000 inhabitants, several hundred performances, many bars and global restaurants, a market, hippie hangouts, campsites with showers, radio broadcast, a daily newspaper, and a unique currency. It's all there, divided over three areas and eight stages.

In short: Glasto meets Goa!

Dave H.A. Blank (IMS, MESA+, University of Twente) gave a lecture about nanotechnologie. Below some impressions (pictures by Gijs van Ouwerkerk UTNieuws):