Atompunk is about how today's artists and designers explore the cultural era of the atom age, a strictly analogue mid century modernist period at the beginning of the cold war and the space race. How do we look back from today's digital worlds into the atom-age aesthetics and sociopolitical ideologies.  Atompunk is a concept by U.S. Scifi author Bruce Sterling.

At 10 Sept 2009 I did the opening with Bruce Sterling and C-men, in the Grote Kerk at the Oude Markt, center Enschede.

Together with vj C-men (next page) we set up a video-audio performance about the atom age: from Rutherford, Mister Atom, the Manhattan Project, atom bombs, Thunderbirds, Duck and Cover, LHC-CERN to ITER (fusion).

For an impression see this link: GOGBOT 2009: Opening Presentation.
This impression has been made by ‘t Videogilde

Pictures taken by:


The C-men

Some veejays need expensive high end pc's or macs to display a bunch of grey lines. The c-men only need 2 amiga computers, a 320x256 resolution in 16 colours and a couple of redbulls to send those graphic designer vj's home with burnt retinas. For nearly 10 years the C-Men have been displaying their bright, comic styled, abstract and intricate visuals from Barcelona to Pusan, Los Angeles to Hamar, Moscow to Madrid, Tallinn to Florence, New York to Petrozavodsk, Bergen to St. Petersburg, Brussels and Las Vegas back to hometown Enschede.

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