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Responsible disclosure

Despite our security efforts a weakness could occur in one of our systems. If you have detected a vulnerability, please let us know. Then we can take the necessary measures as soon as possible, working together with you in an ongoing effort to keep our systems secure.

The Responsible disclosure procedure describes how to report a detected vulnerability.

We accept reports of real vulnerabilities in applications and / or systems. Cases such as the lack of RRs (SPF, CAA and the like) and security headers in websites (HSTS, Content-Security-Policy and the like) are not considered reports. These cases are known to us and are already being worked on. In addition, it is also not necessary to report vulnerabilities such as version numbers in websites and the like. In most cases, only a major version is shown and that contains no information about patch levels. Especially not because security vulnerabilities are also patched in older versions (back porting) for many distributions. Clickjacking is only considered a vulnerability when it is on a login page.

The network of the University of Twente offers internet access for students, associations and starting companies hosting their websites. Although these sites are on the university's network, they are not the responsibility of the university. Responsible disclosure notifications about these sites are accepted. The reports are forwarded to the responsible persons, but then closed by the university. These reports do not result in an entry in the Hall of Fame and no updates on progress are provided.  

A responsible disclosure can be reported using the email address:
Reports need to be clear and contain the steps necessary to reproduce the vulnerability. The steps need to be in the text of the message. Even though images, movies and other files may add to the clarification, they are routinely not opened because of security concerns regarding unsolicited attachments and links.

We want to thank everybody who reported a vulnerability in a responsible way in our Hall of Fame.