When talking about cyber safety, various terms are used synonymously and interchangeably. These terms are explained below.

What is Cybersafety?

In short, cyber safety means being secure online. The online environment is rife with threats to our safety and security. Naturally, we wish to mitigate these threats where possible, not only as an organization but also in our individual capacities. These threats are everything that can prove a risk, e.g. a publically accessible internet connection, phishing emails, suspicious links, downloadable documents or apps. Cyber safety helps to avoid those risks but also helps to protect against their consequences, because it is impossible to avoid all hazards. Even when someone complies with all customary security requirements, they could still become the target of an attack.  

What is information security?

Taken literally, information security means securing information or data, such as research data or personal data. Information is increasingly being stored digitally in information systems, apps or websites. However, non-digital information also forms part of information security. This website is about information security in a broad sense of the word, with an emphasis on cyber safety.