Cyber Safety

Cyber safety quiz

Welcome to the first University of Twente Cyber Safety Quiz.
The quiz tests your knowledge about Privacy, Security and the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Most of the answers you can find on this website. For some of the answers you need some basic knowledge about privacy and security.

What can you win?
Of course the knowledge you garner from the Cyber Safety website itself during your search for answers.
For the person with the most correct answers, and the closest match for question 10, there will be a goodie-bag with security and privacy related articles.

This quiz is only meant for UT students and employees. You may only participate once.
The quiz ends on 30th April 2018. 

Questions with a * are mandatory. 


1. How do you prevent other people from reading from your laptop screen while working on your highly sensitive documents in the train?

2. How do you help criminals steal your identity?
(More than one answer possible).

3. What is the maximum period a TLS server certificate is valid when you request one from the university?

4. At which telephone number do you report a security / privacy incident?

5. Starting what date will the GDPR be enforced?

6. Who reported the most vulnerabilities in University computer systems in a responsible way?

7. Which of the characteristics below is not personal data?
(More than one answer possible).

8. How to recognize a phishing mail?

9. What is the name of the European agency that deals with Cyber security?

10. How many email messages were identified as spam in March 2018 (Estimation question)?
In case of multiple entries with the same score, this will be the decisive question.

Enter your email address I you want a chance to win the goodie bag. Your email address will only be used to contact you in case you won.

enter the following code: 60529