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Course programme overview

The two-year Master’s in Computer Science comprises at least 120 credits and is taught entirely in English. In accordance with your own specific interests, you will specialize in one of the following fields: 

Curriculum structure

The general structure consists of:

  • Core courses: mandatory courses depending on the specialization 
  • Advanced courses: courses depending on the specialization 
  • Profiling space: around 30 EC in mostly elective courses related to the specialization
  • 191612680 Computer Ethics (5EC)
  • Research Topics (10EC)
  • Final Project (30EC)

In the profiling space students take around 30 EC in courses related to the specialization as part of their profiling space. Apart from additional requirements depending on the specialization, this space might be used for:

  • an exchange programme
  • an internship (20EC)
  • the study tour (10 EC)
  • a methodological course from the theme OOO (organize / research / design)
  • additional advanced specialization courses
  • courses from another CS specialization
  • courses from a different Master which are relevant to the specialization
  • courses at one of our 4TU partner programmes
  • courses from a different Master for a double / combined programme
  • homologation courses, as part of a bridging programme assigned by the Admission Board or Programme mentor (max. 15 EC)

More information on the content of specific course programmes can be found on the pages of the specializations.

Curriculum overview 2019-2020

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Simplified overview of the MSc programme Computer Science in PDF