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If you want to enroll for the Master’s programme Interaction Technology (I-Tech), there is nothing you have to do, except make sure you get enrolled for I-Tech.

For the enrolment procedure for UT Master’s programmes check the "how-to-apply" page. If you don’t want to follow this road, you must find yourself another Master’s programme, and actively seek admission to that programme. Formally this means that the Admissions Board of the Master’s programme must grant you admission. In practice your admission request will probably be handled by an admissions officer, but the issue remains the same: is your Creative Technology Bachelor’s diploma sufficient to get you a notice of admission to the Master’s programme of your choice.

In many cases your diploma alone will not be enough. For admission to most Master’s programmes other than I-Tech, there are additional requirements for your Personal Profile. 

Admission without the applicable Personal Profile

Admission to a (track within a) Master’s programme will remain possible, also if you did not take the applicable premaster courses in your minor. But that will cost an extra effort (and extra money and time). You will have to take a premaster course programme after you took the Creative Technology degree, and before you are enrolled in the Master’s programme.

If you feel another Master’s programme, one that is not in the tables, would be the right one for you, you should contact the Creative Technology programme coordinator Kasia Zalewska and inform her about your plans. However, before you meet with Kasia, you should find out what are the admission requirements of your Master’s programme, who is the contact person for admission to that Master’s programme, and preferably you should also have sent an information request about your admission to that contact person.