Of course, the organisation of this whole study is very important. These are the people that put a lot of effort into making CreaTe a great study while ensuring students know what to do and who to approach.

Alma Schaafstal, programme director
“I love the diversity of the students, I love the passion and dedication of our staff for the programme, and I really like how everyone, staff and students alike, contributes to making the programme even better than it already is.”
  • Contact Information

    Office: Zilverling, ZI1062

    Phone: +3153 489 4131

    E-mail: a.m.schaafstal@utwente.nl

Kasia Zalewska, bachelor coordinator and lecturer
“I love working with CreaTe students. They are full of passion, have crazy ideas, are creative, want to do something useful with technology, and are socially engaged.”
  • Contact Information

    Office: Zilverling, ZI1054

    Phone: +3153 489 5296

    E-mail: k.zalewska-kurek@utwente.nl

Richard Bults, graduation project coordinator
“Support all CreaTe students in realizing their graduation project ambitions, and share my knowledge, experience and passion for applied research with my own students. Working together to develop innovative technological solutions for human challenges; I love it!”
  • Contact Information

    Office: Zilverling, ZI1056

    Phone: +3153 489 6098

    E-mail: r.g.a.bults@utwente.nl

Thea de Kluijver, study adviser
“I try my best to support students throughout their Creative Technology career.”