Chair of
Project Management and Integration in Construction

The Department of construction management and engineering of the University of Twente seeks to appoint a chair of Project Management and Integration in Construction, who will form one of the core pillars of the civil engineering and construction management programme.  

This Chair aims to study, develop and teach new process approaches, methods and technologies to improve integration and innovation for the infrastructure life cycle.

While focussing on integrated project delivery, the research effort of this Chair is particularly focussed on bridging the gap between planning, construction and asset management. Construction projects are dynamic and complex projects with a wide variety of stakeholders and interests. Understanding these processes and designing approaches to manage these interests form the core of this Chair. The Chair is expected to contribute to support systems for complex decision-making processes, in particular for: project delivery; risk and technology development; and life cycle approaches. Integration within the project, and integration of the project in the infrastructure network are seen as key in this respect. 

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