Student psychologist

We understand that university life can present various challenges and emotional ups and downs.

Student psychologists are professionals who offer short-term, solution-oriented help with personal, social and/or study problems. All students at UT can use the services of the student psychologist. No referral is needed and it is free of charge. A student psychologist can help you with short-term treatment in case of:

How can we help you?

During an intake, we make an assessment of your situation and what kind of help you may need. There are several options such as:

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The student psychologists offer only short-term solution-oriented help. If long-term guidance or specialized care is required, the student psychologist will refer you to a general practitioner (GP) for a referral outside the university.

Practical information

You can schedule an appointment for an intake with a student psychologist through our online Planner. Follow-up meetings can be scheduled via our secretariat SACC: + 31 53 489 2035. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our secretary as well.

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The waiting time is approximately 9 weeks

To receive care in the Netherlands, it is mandatory to register with a general practitioner. If you don’t have a GP yet, you can register at the campus GP. It is important that you arrive on time for your appointment. If you are late, it will be deducted from your time slot. When you arrive, please report to our secretary's office (red desk) so we know you are there. You will be picked up from the waiting room.

  • GP support for mental health (POH)

    GP support for mental health (POH)

    Know that if your symptoms are so severe that you can't or prefer not to wait for an appointment with one of our student psychologists, you can always contact your own General Practioner (GP).

    At the GP practice there are as well mental health professionals available (Nurse Practioner Mental Healthcare, or in Dutch “Praktijkondersteuner GGZ | POH-GGZ”) who treat (minor) psychological complaints themselves and, if necessary, can help with a referral to a psychologist. Consultations with the POH-GGZ fall under general practitioner healthcare and therefore there are often no additional costs involved. Just like the general practitioner, the POH-GGZ is subject to professional secrecy. More information about what a POH-GGZ does and how you can make an appointment can be found on the website of the GP practice where you are registered.

    If you don't have a GP in Enschede yet, you can register with the campus GP: After registration, you can make an appointment with the POH-GGZ.


It may happen that you are unable to attend your appointment. Given our waiting lists, we really appreciate that an appointment is cancelled or rescheduled in a timely manner (>24 hours in advance). This is important so that we can offer other students the vacant spot and together as UT community make sure that everyone is helped as soon as possible. If you would like to reschedule the meeting, please contact our secretary. You can call them during business hours at +31 (0)53-489 2035 or visit the red desk in the Vrijhof to schedule in a new appointment.

A no-show without cancellation will count as a fully used appointment. You will not be offered a replacement session.

As student psychologists, we adhere to the professional code of the Dutch Institute of Psychologists (NIP); everything discussed is confidential.

Urgent matters

If your situation is (very) urgent and you can not wait for an appointment, here are some contact details.

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