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Subsidised pc purchase scheme for students

As a student, you are entitled to take part in a special subsidised PC purchase scheme (referred to as the PC Privet Scheme) offered by the university.

This scheme makes it possible to finance a notebook (short: pc) true an interest-free loan. See Appendix A for the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education.

Every regular, full-time enrolled bachelor's and master's student at the UT can take part in the PC Privet Scheme as follows.

Principal requirement

Once in the bachelor’s phase and once in the master’s phase, provided the student in question is 60 credits (ECTS) or more away from the degree in the respective phase.


  1. When attending a one-year master’s course, the student may sign up for the scheme no later than one month after the programme commences.
  2. Students enrolled in a bachelor’s programme who take subjects in the Bachelor’s phase as well as in the master’s phase and still have to attain at least 60 ECTS for both phases taken together are also entitled to take part in the scheme.
    Taking part in the scheme is then regarded as taking part during the master’s phase. Note: this also includes students entering a programme via an alternative route who are attending a ‘bridging programme’.
  3. By the UT known pre-enrolment students who want to make use of the Notebook Project UT can already use the UT PC Privet Scheme regulation in June, however, they are not formally enrolled at the UT.
  4. Under the PC Privet Scheme, you can put together the PC of your choice and buy from any supplier you like. The University of Twente will lend you a maximum of €1,000 interest-free, which is to be repaid in a number of monthly instalments.
    The loan is free of charge. The university will cover the costs of the interest.
    The loan must be repaid in a number of monthly instalments (depending on the remaining duration of the programme), starting in the month after the agreement has come into effect. No other repayment scheme is permitted.
    The loan-agreement between UT and student can only come into effect after the student has handed in the extradition form or sales receipt or order confirmation at the Treasury Department.

Use of ICT in education

Computers are an indispensable tool in studying at UT. Some programmes, for instance, use the digital learning environment.
As of the academic year 2018-2019 Canvas is the new digital study environment of the UT. Canvas replaces Blackboard. Canvas offers online access to subjects and makes the exchange of information between students and lecturers possible. Information about the selection process can be found on the website about this digital environment. All mentioned information is under reservation. For questions contact: canvas@utwente.nl.

Many UT programmes involve the use of professional software, which students will also come across in future employment. This can be a professional drawing and drafting software (CAD-CAM), mathematical software (Maple) and simulations.

Many faculties have set up computer labs offering access to the software applications mentioned above. See the information about the ICT-Services.

Although not compulsory, the faculties recommend that students have a computer at home for use in addition to the facilities offered by the university. This enables students to complete coursework at home, communicate with fellow students and lecturers, and find information on the internet.

The UT endeavours to offer students access to state-of-the-art information and communication technology. The PC Privet Scheme for students was developed with this aim in mind. After enrolment, students are allocated an e-mail account and gain access to the university’s network. Regardless of where students are in the Netherlands, they can remotely access the network against local calling rates to send and receive an e-mail, surf the internet and use the 450 MB of storage space allocated to each student free of charge.

Students who live on-campus have a direct connection to the UT’s computer network. The monthly connection fees are included in the rent and total approximately EUR 10 per month.

Application procedure

The entire procedure from the students’ application until reimbursement of this regulation is carried out by the Department of Finance (FIN).

Procedure in sequential steps:

  1. You can download the order form for a loan and the ECTS statement form on the site of the Notebook Service Center.
    This order form can be submitted, if complying with the terms mentioned on the order form, at FIN.
  2. Fill out and sign the application form. A statement from the Educational Affairs Office (BOZ) concerning the total result of ECTS should be added. Send by post the application form, the ECTS statement, a copy of the sales receipt or order confirmation and a copy of our check card to the University of Twente, Antwoordnummer 323, 7500 VB Enschede, towards Finance, Dep. FSC.
  3. If you comply with the conditions, FIN will send you a loan agreement in duplicate, which should be signed and returned together with a standing order.
  4. Next FIN will transfer the amount of the interest-free loan to your bank account.
  5. FIN will audit the agreed repayment terms.