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Pregnancy / parenting

Disclose personal circumstances

In the case of pregnancy and/or parenting during your studies, the University of Twente will help you find ways to combine the two

  • Study adviser: for study planning

    The student adviser is the first point of contact for studying parents or studying parents-to-be. Are you pregnant, or a studying parent, turn to the study adviser of your educational programme and discuss how you can combine (future) parenthood and study. Discuss which adjustments are possible within your educational programme and make concrete agreements. For information about the procedure: step-by-step guide applying for facilities.

  • Student Counsellor: for financial support

    If you are experiencing a study delay due to pregnancy, childbirth or caring for one or more childeren, you could qualify for financial support available under certain conditions through the university's FOBOS scheme. The same applies if you, as a mother or father, are responsible for the care of your chronical ill of disabled child. Depending on the progress of your pregnancy, the time of birth and the phase of your studies, it is possible to temporarily interrupt your studies.

    Contact a student counsellor for advice on the rights and obligations of studying parent(s)(-to-be) and the UT. Discuss your situation and the conditions to arrange financial and administrative matters. If your situation does not satisfy the conditions, perhaps another form of financial support is possible, for example via a fund or via the government.

  • Allowances
    • Through the Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO), you may be eligible for the single-parent allowance as a supplement to your student grants and loans, if you are taking care of a child under the age of 18 and you don’t have a partner.
    • There are different forms of government allowances available. Childcare allowance is given out through the belastingdienst (tax authorities).
  • UTS/OTS scholarship

    When you are a UTS or OTS Scholarship recipient and encounter study delay due to personal circumstances, you may be eligible for a UTS or OTS scholarship extension. The Regulation UTS/OTS scholarship extension outlines the conditions and procedure for this extension.

  • Childcare facilities

    The university does not have its own children’s daycare facilities. However, there is a daycare and out of school care facility on the campus: De Vlinder. It is important to arrange daycare for your child early.

    International School Twente - offers primary and secondary education

  • Lactation rooms

    On campus there are lactation-rooms available.