Student psychologist

Contact the student psychologists if you are in need of personal contact about e.g. personal problems (if you are feeling lonely or depressed, suffering from procrastination, having trouble with parents, a relationship or fellow students) and doubts about your choice of study.

The services of the UT student psychologists are available to all students. No reference is needed to make an appointment. There is no charge for these appointments.

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Psychological support from a student psychologist are free of charge.

Urgent Situations

Contact us or your family doctor if your situation is very urgent, outside ordinary business hours, call the general practice service +31 88 555 1188.

make an Appointment OR FOR FURTHER QUESTIONS

Please contact the secretariat of SACC: +31 53 489 2035 or visit our desk in the Vrijhof, 3rd floor, room 311 (red desk).
Only for students who are unable to visit the student psychologist weekly, online counselling by way of E-coaching is a good replacement.


  • Mr.  Hans Feiertag MSc
  • Mrs. Annemarie Klanderman MSc
  • Mrs. Caroline de Koning MSc
  • Mrs. Annemarie Slot MSc