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Student psychologist

Student psychologists offer short-term, solution-oriented help with study problems and/or personal problems. You can contact us if you suffer for instance from performance anxiety or procrastination and when faced with sadness, fear, insecurity or family problems.

All students at the University of Twente can use the services of the student psychologist. No referral needed and it is free of charge.

What can we do for you

During an orientation meeting, we make an assessment of your complaints and what kind of help you need. There are a number of options such as:

  • Participation in E-Health modules
  • Short-term individual treatment (up to 5 appointments)
  • Participation in a group/training
  • Referral advice (via the GP, you are redirected to external aid)

Groups / Training / Workshops

supporting courses
what we offer

On request, we also organize presentations or workshops. Please contact the SACC secretariat.

Make an appointment

Please contact the secretariat of SACC on office hours: +31 53 489 2035 or visit our desk in the Vrijhof, 3rd floor, room 311 (red desk).

Our office is open, but from a distance !!
We are available by phone during office hours. The already scheduled appointments with a studentpsychologist will continue as usual, but not physically. You will be informed about this by email.
If you don't have an appointment yet, but you would like one, call our office! These appointments will also take place via telephone or Skype, this will be discussed during the making of the appointment. Due to the Coronavirus situation, our office will remain physically closed until further notice.

Coping with Coronavirus/COVID-19

Urgent Situations

Options if your problems are so severe that you can not wait for an appointment:

  • During office hours, contact your own GP
  • Outside office hours, contact the out-of-hours GP service: +31 88 555 1188 (if you live in Enschede) or +31 88 555 1155 (if you live in Hengelo)
  •  If you have suicidal thoughts, please contact 113 suicide prevention via the website or by calling 0900-0113
  •  In all other cases of emergency, please call 112


  • Mr  Hans Feiertag MSc - BIG nr. 19049940825
  • Mrs Annemarie Klanderman MSc
  • Mrs Caroline de Koning MSc - BIG nr. 09063741325
  • Mrs Rianne Lambers MSc
  • Mrs Annemarie Slot MSc - BIG nr. 49915406825
  • Mrs Anne Wauben MSc

As students psychologists, we adhere to the professional code of the Dutch Institute of Psychologists (NIP); everything discussed is confidential.

See here how we at SACC deal with confidentiality