UTServicesCESSucCES café BalanCES - Issue no4 | 2023

SucCES café BalanCES - Issue no4 | 2023

Last Thursday the SucCES café took place again: by and for colleagues of CES (Centre of Educational Support). The theme of this SucCES café: BalanCES. How do you keep or find balances between working from home and on campus? Guest speaker Joschka Hüllmann, assistant professor at the BMS faculty, gave a presentation about this topic, with a lot of input from the public.


BalanCES: talk about it and watch your wellbeing

Joschka Hüllmann asked the CES colleagues prior the SucCES café whether they had a preference for working from home or on campus, how much they work from home, what is their motivation to work from home and how to deal with the situation at home in relation to work. Subsequently, he gave an explanation about several studies, including his own. A conclusion was that everyone deals differently with this balance and there are a lot of different reasons why someone has a preference. Important is that we do not lose sight of each other as colleagues, pay attention to each other and to ourselves and that we keep talking about the balance between working from home and in the office.


Statements about working in the office and from home

The SucCES café continued with several statements to which the public could actively participate. Statements, such as “I prefer to have fixed days working from home instead of flexible ones”, “I like to work outside traditional office hours and be flexible” and “I know well what goes on with my colleagues socially, even when I work from home” where discussed.

 The SucCES café ended with a lunch. 



We look back on a very successful SucCES café. In a while we will start again with the organisation of a next edition. Would you like to help and/or have ideas? Please send an e-mail via the button below: