Digital inclusion at work

Despite the growing role of Internet (technology) in all industries, many organizations are not fully exploiting theĀ opportunities offered. For example, we know from research that many managers overestimate the level of digital skills among their staff. It are precisely these skills, which also involve (digital components of) creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and cooperation, that should be considered a prerequisite for innovation. The centre for digital inclsuion conducts research around so-called 21st-century digital skills.

One of the current projects (funded by NWO / NRO / CA-ICT) focuses on the creative industry. For organizations in the creative industry, innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship are the basis for their products and services. The creative industry has grown enormously in recent years and is considered to be the driver of innovation in other sectors. Despite the fact that ICT plays an enormous role in the creative industry, organizations need further development, especially around skills. In order to achieve the intended competitive advantage, it is necessary to map the current and expected needs for 21st century digital skills: what exactly are these skills, what is the current level of these skills, and how can organizations and workers support further development?

What are E-ssential skills?

Zicht op ICT-competenties (in Dutch)