What are the possibilities to get more out of the study?

Study tour

Every two years, the programme offers a study tour that is organized by members of the study tour committee of study association ConcepT. This gives you an opportunity to travel outside of Europe and gain experience in working at, and doing research in, an external organization. Prior to the trip, you have to prepare yourself through an educational part consisting of multiple courses. These courses are related to the visiting country.

Graduating with distinction

For graduating with distinction please visit the website and check the EER of the master CEM and CME in which the ‘with distinction’ scheme is outlined:


Are you exceptionally talented, intellectually interested and extremely motivated? Then the Honours Programme is the right place for you! Click here to gather more information.

Study Abroad

During your studies, you are given the opportunity to study abroad. Which steps you need to take in order to go abroad you can find on the incoming and outgoing page, or come to the Faculty of Engineering Technology at the University of Twente.


Are you looking for activities you can engage in, in addition to your studies? The following websites contain more information on activities and entrepreneurship during your education: