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The Faculty of Engineering Technology comprises three engineering disciplines: industrial design engineering, civil engineering and mechanical engineering. These three disciplines are covered in our three BSc programmes and five MSc programmes. All MSc programmes are taught in English, while from the academic year 2017/2018 onwards, all our BSc programmes will be taught in English as well. This has started with the first year, and in 2018/2019 the second year will offered in English, etc. 

The academic year is divided into two semesters (1 & 2), and each semester into two quarters (A & B). Most of our courses are taught within one quarter, but some of the course are taught during a whole semester (1A+1B, or 2A+2B) and some are even taught from semester 1 into semester 2 (1B+2A). This, and a lot of other information, can all be found in our course catalogue. In the course catalogue, the quarter in which the course starts is indicated with 'Starting block'.
The nominal study workload at the UT is 60 ECTS Credits annually, i.e. 30 ECTS per semester or 15 ECTS per quarter. The number of ECTS per course varies between 2 and 10 ECTS. The majority of courses offered at the UT have a study load of 5 ECTS.
The academic level of the course is indicated with: B1 (1st year BSc), B2 (2nd year BSc), B3 (3rd year BSc) and M (MSc).

To make choosing your courses (and the admission process) easier, the UT offers so-called Exchange Study Packages (ESP). These ESPs are balanced, coherent, well-structured and self-contained sets of courses at BSc or MSc academic level. Most of the ESPs are composed for one semester (30 ECTS), some of the ESPs are composed for one quarter only (15 ECTS). For more information regarding the ESPs you can choose from as an exchange student for our faculty as well as regarding choosing courses in general, please continue with one of the choices below:

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