I have dyslexia. What should I do?

Approximately 5 percent of UT students suffer from dyslexia. So, you are not the only one. The UT offers a number of general facilities you can use during your studies.

Informing the department

If you wish to make use of particular facilities, you must inform the department in a timely manner. You can contact the study adviser. On the basis of your dyslexia statement and your interview with the study adviser, the facilities you qualify for are established. Examples of such facilities are: extra time during exams, exam papers in a larger font, use of tools such as a laptop, etc. Bring your dyslexia certificate to your first interview with the study adviser!

Additional facilities during exams

You need to do the following if you want to make use of additional facilities during exams:

  • Determine for which exams you want to use additional facilities.
  • Submit this information to BOZ Educational Support Office before the end of the enrolment term for the exam:
  • In your e-mail, you must specify for each subject (subject code, exam date) which facilities you want to use.
  • BOZ Educational Support Office will inform you about the room and the exam time. Sometimes you will take the exam in the same room with all other students, but you will be allowed more time to complete the exam. Sometimes, your exam will be in a separate room.

 Please note:

  • Please remember that you will have to do the above for each exam period!
  • For subjects for which enrolment for the exam is not handled via Osiris you need to contact the lecturer.

Question: "Why do I need to request the facilities for each exam period?"

Answer: Some students do not require additional time for every exam. For the purpose of room reservations and exam preparations, the lecturer/BOZ Educational Support Office needs to know in time how many students will be using specific facilities. 

This type of measure only applies to recognized cases of dyslexia and in consultation with the study adviser. In individual cases, additional measures may be taken. Requests for such facilities can be submitted to the study adviser.