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Submitting a Request to the Examination Board

When writing a request to the examination board (, assume that the board is not aware of the background of your request or of the facts and arguments. Make sure that all relevant information is presented clearly in your request. Be aware that the examination board does not meet frequently. If the examination board is forced to ask avoidable questions or has to do research, the answer to your request may be seriously delayed. In short: a request must meet the normal professional requirements for business correspondence.

Some guidelines for a request:

  • Use a meaningful title.
  • Introduce your case.
  • State your request clearly.
  • Provide arguments that support your request.
  • Make sure that the examination board is able to check your arguments and evidence.
  • Add relevant evidence as an attachment. However, make sure that your request can be read independently (the attachments only serve as verification of the evidence).
  • Ensure that all attachments are mentioned in the request (to inform the reader of the request that there is more information).
  • Provide full and unambiguous information:
  • State dates if they are relevant. State the subject name and subject code Give the names of persons and include their contact information if they are not employees of the UT. Do not forget to include your student number

Would you like to know more? Have a look at the webpage of the examination board.