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Module 11 and 12 Entry Requirements

Admission requirements for students of Civil Engineering

  1. Participation in the graduation semester is only allowed if the student has fully completed modules 1 to 8 (year 1 and 2 of the bachelor’s programme).
  2. In the quarter prior to the final bachelor assignment, the student participates in the BSc assignment preparation (module 11). Modules 11 and 12 in the graduation semester are closely intertwined.

Deviation from the above requirements is only possible in exceptional cases and with permission of the examination board. A written request must be submitted in a timely manner via

In preparation for the final bachelor assignment, module 8 focuses on the selection of an assignment, writing an application letter and conducting a job interview.

You need to be aware that it is important to start the preparations for the final bachelor assignment before you meet the requirements! It is highly recommended to start thinking about the subject of your final assignment and to start looking for a client well before the start of module 11. Especially with an assignment abroad, a long preparation phase (about 1 year) must be taken into account. See also the information on the bachelor thesis under bachelor curriculum.

Admission requirements for students from other programmes

Special requirements may apply for students from programmes who wish to do a final bachelor assignment in Civil Engineering. For example, the content of module 11 may be adjusted to enable the connection with a master’s programme in Civil Engineering. However, the requirements for writing a pre-report and an evaluation will be retained. Contact the mobility centre for further information.