General guidelines for requests

Do not assume that the examination board has any background knowledge of your situation. Make sure that all information, relevant for judging your situation, is part of your request and appendices.
Realise that the examination board does not meet frequent. Questions of the examination board to clarify your situation could lead to severe delays. Try to avoid this, it is in your interest.

It means that your request needs to comply to a professional standard.

Here a few hints:

  • Send your mail to
  • Make sure you have a meaningful mail subject.
  • Introduce your request (situation, cause, …, dilemma).
  • Be specific about your request.
  • Give arguments which support your request (reference to the EER).
  • Provide relevant evidence (in appendices).
  • Be sure all information is complete and unambiguous (include relevant dates; official course name and number; include contact information for non-UT employees if applicable).
  • Do not forget your student number.


schedule of meetings examination board



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