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Composition and Tasks Examination Board

The members of the examination board are:

  • Arjen Hoekstra (chairman)
  • Ing. K.M. van Zuilekom (secretary)
  • Andre Doree
  • Ir. JanPaul Boutkan (Province of Overijssel)
  • Dr. Hans Voordijk (matters concerning the master’s programme Construction Management and Engineering)
  • Dr. ir. Martijn Booij 
  • Drs. Esther Ruijgh (registry)

The executive board of the examination board consists of the president and the secretary. The examination board can be contacted by e-mail or by writing to the secretary.

Ing. K.M. van Zuilekom

University of Twente 
Buiten Horst 214 
PO Box 217 
7500 AE, Enschede
The Netherlands