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Composition and Tasks Examination Board

Welcome to the website of the examination board for the bachelor’s programme Civil Engineering and the master’s programmes Civil Engineering and Management, and Construction Management and Engineering. The website contains information on the examination board.

The members of the examination board are:

  • Arjen Hoekstra (chairman)
  • Ing. K.M. van Zuilekom (secretary)
  • Andre Doree
  • Ir. JanPaul Boutkan (Province of Overijssel)
  • Dr. Hans Voordijk (matters concerning the master’s programme Construction Management and Engineering)
  • Dr. ir. Martijn Booij 
  • Drs. Esther Ruijgh (registry)

The executive board of the examination board consists of the president and the secretary. The examination board can be contacted by e-mail or by writing to the secretary.

Ing. K.M. van Zuilekom

University of Twente 
Buiten Horst 214 
PO Box 217 
7500 AE, Enschede
The Netherlands