Rules & Regulations

Students' Charter & EER

The UT has several documents that state the rights and obligations of students, which you can find in the list below. This list includes the general students' charter of the UT, as well as the general and programme specific EER (Education and Examination Regulations,  previously known as OER in Dutch).  

Students' charter UT 

General regulations regarding rights and obligations each UT student has

General EER bachelor programmes

Study and exam related rules and regulations that apply to all bachelor students (excluding ATLAS). 

EER BSc Mechanical Engineering

In addition to the UT wide EER, this document contains the syllabus for BSc Mechanical Engineering, the programme specific EER, and rules and regulations regarding the exam committee for Mechanical Engineering. 

OER BSc Mechanical Engineering (Dutch version)

Dutch version of the Education and Examination Regulations, programme specific part for Mechanical Engineering.