In the third year of the Mechanical Engineering Bachelor’s degree programme, you are required to include a semester that broadens your horizons or deepens your knowledge. In the current Twente Education Model (TOM), this semester is called your free choice component, during which you can do a minor. You can find more information on the free choice component on the UT minor website

Entry requirements

In order to start your minor, you have to meet several requirements:

  • Participation in a minor module is only allowed if the student has successfully finished 6 modules before the start of module 9.
  • Students are not allowed to choose two 1st year modules (module 1 / module 2) as their minor modules.
  • Overlapping components have to be replaced, and this also counts for modules without blockage.
  • Participation in modules with a blockage is only allowed as an exception and only with permission from the ME exam committee.